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It Isn’t Only Hurricanes that Cause Power Outages

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

By: Anthony Maturo

Weather Events

As many already know, Florida is no stranger to severe storms and hurricanes, but your home’s power connection can go down because of other reasons too, such as power line damage or regular maintenance.

If power outages are extended, you run the risk of losing all perishable foods in your freezer and refrigerator. It is not uncommon for the roof of a house or business to succumb to a massive leak during a storm, but if you do not have your air conditioner running to help keep humidity levels down, your property will be greatly susceptible to dangerous molds and mildews growing out of control. If not addressed immediately, this could cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs! If you work from home or a business, you will not be able to operate during that time without a backup power source.

How This Affects Your Family

No matter the cause of the blackout in your South Florida community, you need to have a reliable backup source of emergency power. A source of backup power can help you:

  • Keep perishable foods from spoiling

  • Keep your A/C humming

  • Provide security and protection from looters

  • Keep power going to your home computer

  • Keep lifesaving medical equipment operating

Blackouts and brownouts are happening more and more frequently, sometimes from unexpected or unknown causes. If you have a family member whose life relies on electrical current, a commercial standby generator can give you peace of mind.

Backup Generators

You wouldn’t think that a source of emergency power would be necessary, but it could be. More and more, families and businesses are turning to backup generators and commercial standby generators to remain functional during a disaster or even just during a widespread blackout.

Chronically ill family members aren’t the only concern. Your youngest family members are as well. They need to feel secure and safe and, to do this, you need to help them maintain as normal a schedule as possible. While candles and camp stoves are an option, if you have very young children, these are actually more dangerous. Having a backup generator can help you avoid emergencies.


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