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So, you want to live in South Florida? You need a Generator: Pt. 2

By: Alternate Power Solutions

map of south florida
Living in South Florida makes owning a Generator a must.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season:

Look no further than Local News 10 for a report dated May 30th, 2021 on Hurricane Season in South Florida.

It was forecasted that owning a home generator in South Florida wasn't going to be a need, but a MUST, as families attempt to navigate increasingly unpredictable and dangerous future Hurricane Seasons.


When is Hurricane Season?

According to the Florida State University Climate Center it is a six-month long period that occurs from June 1st to November 30th each year.


What about 2024? Is the prognosis still as bad as it was in 2021?



As you can see, investing in a home generator is slowly becoming a necessity. When you decide this move is right for you, your home, or your family, please consider Alternate Power Solutions as your South Florida professionals to get the job done right.


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