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QuietSource Series 36 kW

QuietSource Series 36 kW Generac Generator

Generac Nexus Controller

Generac’s Nexus™ Controller is the most comprehensive available. The dual line, tri-lingual LCD display allows for easy monitoring and management of generator functions.

Powerful low-speed, liquid cooled engine

Powerful low-speed, liquid cooled engine is engineered to run at only 1800 rpm for a substantially quieter generator, consuming less fuel and giving both the engine and alternator a longer life.

Standard aluminum, all-weather enclosure

Standard aluminum, all-weather enclosure provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminum’s corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and is recommended for salt-air, coastal locations.

Quiet-Test™ Mode

Quiet-Test™ mode for a weekly self-test that runs quieter than other brands. Patented, programmable feature validates proper operation. Runs at lower RPM for reduced noise, less fuel consumption, and fewer emissions.

​Neutral styling, color and small footprint 

Neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping.

Choice of LP or Natural Gas

Clean burning, continuous fuel choice of LP or natural gas.

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